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Trade-A-Stock Help: Reviewing Trades


Reviewing Your Trades

Trade-A-Stock allows you to re-examine the trades you made. To view a trade, simply click on the trade in the control bar. The box to the right gives you details about the trade.

There are two potential reasons to exit a trade: “User Exited” or “Stop Hit”. 

Stop Hit: The trade concluded due to the stop price being hit. A stop price is entered in the order panel. It indicates a price level at which you will exit the trade. It is also called a stop limit order.

User Exited: You exited the trade by pressing either the "Cover" or "Sell" button on the control panel.

When you click on a trade, the chart shifts its time frame to highlight the the region where you entered and exited the trade. Winning trades have a green shaded area, while losing trades have a red shaded area. The red or green areas form a box within the larger shaded gray area. The highs and lows of the red or green areas correspond to the prices at which the trade was entered and exited.

The “Next” button moves the chart forward in time.

The "Report Card" button will bring you back to the report card for this exercise.

The "New Game" button will begin a new Trade-A-Stock exercise. All of the data from the recently completed exercise will be lost.

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