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Trade-A-Stock Web App: Chart Configuration


The Change View Panel

Use this form to configure the number of charts as well as their layout. Furthermore, you can assign or plot technical indicators on a specific chart. What is a technical indicator?

Change Chart Layout

Use this button to change the number of charts and their respective layout on the main application. This button will bring up a selection panel of several different layouts to choose from. Just click on whichever layout you prefer. Each chart will have a different number to identify it and will be displayed visually next to the "Change Chart Layout" button. The currently selected chart will be highlighted in red.

Show Volume on Chart & Draw Arrow

There are two other chart parameters you can change with respect to chart appearance. Unchecking the "Show Volume on Chart" will remove the volume plot from all of the charts. Also, unchecking the "Draw arrow at current price" box will remove the small blue arrow (from all charts) that is plotted on the y-axis of each chart to indicate the current price.

Possible Technical Indicators: Each indicator will either be plotted as an overlay on the price series chart or as a separate chart beneath its respective price chart, depending on the type of indicator.

How To Add An Indicator To A Chart

First, select the chart as shown in the picture below. Chart 3 is selected in this case. All indicators added from this point forward will be for the selected chart only. Second, click on a technical indicator from the "Possible Technical Indicators" list. Next, click the “Add” button. If appropriate to the indicator, a list of parameters will below appear. Enter the desired parameters and press the enter button on the keyboard (or simply click on something else). This indicator will now be applied to the selected chart. All indicators that will be added to the chart are listed in the "Applied Indicators..." box. Each indicator is listed as an abbreviation that will appear in the legend of each chart. Click here to learn about the indicators Trade-A-Stock can plot.

With some indicators you have the option of plotting multiple series on the same plot. For example, you have the option of plotting 3 different volatility series on the same plot.

How To Remove An Indicator

Simply click on the desired indicator from the "Applied Indicators ..." box. Then click on the “Remove” button. The indicator should disappear from the list and will not be plotted when returning to the main application.

How To Change An Indicator’s Parameters

Select the desired indicator from the "Applied Indicators ..." box. The parameters for the indicator will appear below. Click on the text box and type in the new parameters and press the enter key ( or just click on something else ). An updated abbreviation should appear in the “Applied Indicators” box above.

Once you have each chart configured to your liking, press the "OK" button. This will bring you back to the main part of the application and all of your changes will be implemented.

The Buttons

Pressing the cancel button will cause the application to ignore any changes you have made and return to the main part of the application. The help button will bring you to the website's help page pertaining to how to use this particular form.

    Select a chart
    Select a technical indicator
   Click the “Add” Button
   Enter indicator parameters
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