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Trade-A-Stock Help: Changing The Preferences


Trade at the open of the day?

If set to "No", then the application will advance forward in time (when the user presses the next button or the play button) by larger time increments, specifically from the close of one trading day to the close of the next trading day. This means that you will not be able to buy or sell a stock at the open of the day.

Animate from open to close?

Turning this off will stop the application from animating the candle stick (or OHLC line) from the open of the day to the close. Instead the next day's candle will simply appear. This does make the application a play forward a bit faster, but makes the exercise a bit less dynamic.

Japanese Candles or OHLC lines?

Each day's price action can be rendered as either a candle or an OHLC stick. Each visual depiction contains the same information about the stock's price (its open, high, low and closing price). This is purely a matter of visual preference.

Reveal the year?

If you absolutely need to know the year, then you can change this setting and the year will appear in the X-axis label in the charts. This is not advised, however, as it will create a bias in your mind based on your memory of the market. You may fool yourself into thinking you are better trader than you are. Just knowing that it is late 2008 will turn you into a brilliant "short" trader. The time period is revealed in the "Report Card" section of the application after you've completed trading.

Show the stock symbol?

Setting this to "Yes" will show the stock symbol in the list box above each chart, as opposed to the word "Stock" or “Market”. Be careful using this - it might invite a data-snooping bias if you know anything about the history of the stock.

OK & Cancel

Press the "OK" Button and any changes you've made will implemented in the main application. Press cancel and you will return to the main application with nothing at all changed.

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Changing the Preferences