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Trade-A-Stock Help: Overview


Trade-A-Stock is a web application designed to help you practice trading using technical analysis on historical stock data as objectively as possible. Below is a flow chart of the application, just click on the part of the application you would like to have explained . . . or watch the tutorial video . . . or go to the Trade-A-Stock application.

Step 1: Blindly Select a Stock From the Historical Database. 
Narrow down the type of stock that the application will randomly select for you to trade. Trade objectively, without hindsight bias.HelpSelect.html
Step 2: Configure Basic Parameters
Use the menu to change such things as the charts appearance, the animation, the ability to trade at the open, etc.  PreferencesHelp.html
Step 3: Configure The Chart Layout & Preferred Technical Indicators
View up to 4 charts simultaneously over multiple time frames. Select your favorite technical indicators.HelpView.html
Step 4: Practice Trading
Move forward in time, at your own pace. Analyze the price action of the stock and the broader market. Make trades (long and short) in an emotionless environment using  technical analysis. HelpMain.html
Step 5: Watch The Chimp Trade
While the application runs simulations to compare your trading to randomness, consider whether your trading actions are any different than the chimpanzee’s.HelpMonkey.html
Step 6: Evaluate Your Performance
Compare your performance to randomness, buy and hold alternative strategies, and with respect to drawdowns in trading equity.HelpReport.html
Step 7: Review Your Trades
Look at each trade you made on the charts. Evaluate what went wrong and how to do better in the future. Learn from your mistakes.HelpReview.html

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