1. Practice. Interpreting stock price movement effectively requires practice. Develop your technical analysis trading skills using historical data before risking real money in the markets. Like many things in life, practice makes perfect.

  1. Put Technical Analysis to the test. If you’ve read a lot about technical analysis you know that despite the numbers, it is an art. There is a dearth of statistics on its effectiveness for this reason. This tool will allow you to test if it really works and if you are effective in in applying the analysis profitably. If you can’t trade the past, then you will unlikely succeed in the future.

  1. Quantify your trading edge. The app provides numerous ways to be certain that your trading is effective and not just the result of luck. It compares your performance to that of a random trader, to buy and hold strategies, and to market drawdowns.

  1. Trade-A-Stock works on any computer. Use your Web-browser. No software to install. No user names or passwords either. It’s free. Works on any computer with an internet browser (even iPads and other tablet computers).

  1. Learn to short. The application allows you to practice shorting a stock.

  1. Trade without emotion. Having real money on the line affects each individual and clouds the objective thinking for effective trading. By practicing with Trade-A-Stock you can learn how to trade without this effect before risking large sums in the real market.

  1. Trade a specific type of stock. Think stocks that pay dividends behave differently? What about ETFs? The application lets you randomly choose different types, or classes of stock.

  1. Gain trading experience - FAST. You can gain years of experience in just hours.

  1. Be Objective. No hindsight bias. To use historical data realistically, you must remain free of any information that biases your trading performance. The app forces you to remain ignorant of the identity of the stock, making your trading results a true reflection of your trading ability as opposed to your memory of recent market/stock events (hindsight bias).

  1. Trade many stocks. There are thousands of stocks in the database, even ETFs and closed end funds.

  1. Technical Indicators. The application has many of the most common technical indicators, including, all manner of moving averages, Donchian Channels, MACD, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, Average True Range, Relative Strength Indicators, (RSI), Volatility, and more.

  1. Multi-Chart. Use multiple charts with different time frames on the same screen. Ideal for Dr. Alexander Elder’s triple screen method.

  1. Use the market index. View the market index as well as the stock price series. Use the stock market index to add background to your analysis. Stocks are affected by broader market conditions - our multi-chart screen layout allows you to view both simultaneously. Does your stock trade with the market, or not? The app deliberately adjusts the market prices to hide the specific year from you.

  1. Choose a stock from the deep past. Feel like you know too much about recent market events, you can randomly select a stock from previous decades.

The stock market has repeating patterns that are exploitable for profitable trading. These patterns were present in historical data and will be present in future stock price data. Testing, practicing, and gaining experience with historical data will prepare a trader for future markets. Unlike paper trading ( pretending to trade a stock in real time with fake money ), with this tool you can quickly gain years of trading experience.

Trade-A-Stock is a free training tool for current or aspiring stock traders. It is a free web application that lets you practice trading stocks on historical data without hindsight bias ( trading from memory ). The application lets you practice using technical analysis and chart patterns, then objectively evaluates your trading performance.

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